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Before we put out Feger’s Natural line of dietary supplements on store shelves, we searched for a supplier that could meet our high standards. Our dietary supplement manufacturer has been in business since 1924. Their 80-plus years of manufacturing experience results in consistent, safe, natural and organic premium products. What’s more, their facility is certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI), a leader in organic certification. Below are just a few reasons why we selected them to be our manufacturer:

The average consumer may not realize different levels of FDA registration are required for laboratories producing both nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical drugs. Our manufacturer’s standards as a pharmaceutical company means our supplements are made according to these rigorous standards set by the FDA. Our manufacturer uses state of the art technology combined with raw materials carefully screened for quality and uniformity. Procedures and standards for cleanliness during manufacturing are written down and periodically audited by the FDA. They routinely inspect all materials and supplements for identity and potency, beyond the number of times required by the FDA. Raw materials are assayed upon arrival at the manufacturer, during the manufacturing process, and again before the supplements are shipped. Our manufacturer also had its own full-scale Quality Control department. Here, raw materials and end products undergo various tests to ensure potency, purity, and disintegration. A complete microbiological testing laboratory is used to test for not only for contaminating bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli, but also for potency of certain B vitamins, such as folic acid, biotin, and B-12.

If your goal is to buy the least expensive vitamins you can find, chances are the store you’re buying them from has the same goal. Their suppliers satisy that goal by using the cheapest raw materials available. If you had the opprotunity to examine those raw materials closely, you might find inconsistent physical characteristics. Of course, these can simply be hidden cosmetically. These is no way the consumer or the store that sells them would recognize inferior supplemnts made from inferior materials, unless the manufacturer told you. You can count on our products that have the best raw materials for each formula.

Our confidence in our own nutritional supplements is reflected in the clarity and completeness of our labeling. Our full disclosure labels list the details of each product’s contents. If you have special dietary needs regarding certain ingredients, we disclose information about sugar, starch, artificial flavors and colors as well as perservatives and potential allergens. We simply don’t want artifical perservatives, flavors or colors in our quality vitamins.

Another measure of quality: We always list the Best By date on the bottom of each bottle, thus gauranteeing the potency, purity and freshness of our products!

We only put forth dietary supplements with science behind the formulations. Our manufacturer has a team of scientific professionals (including chemists, microbiologists, and Register Dieticians) and products development specialists ensuring scientifically sound formulas.

Finally, our manufacturer is committed to enviormental sustainability. They ship our supplements in at least 65% recycled cartons filled with 100% biodegradable and recyclable peanuts. The fully recyclable amber bottles require 40% less energy to produce than new bottles. Their promotional materials also utilize 100% post-consumer fibers. Our supplier’s combined efforts of being a “green” company have resulted in an annual conservation or elimination of:

We hope you’ll choose our Feger’s Natural supplements. When searching for natural, premium dietary supplements to promote overall wellness and global sustainability, look no further than Feger’s Natural.

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